Architectural & interior design studio

Hi! We are June a full-service architecture & interior design studio based in Moscow working worldwide. We build unique beautiful places for living and business.
Our full-service provide clients with a team of highly experienced, talented designers, engineers and artists.
Polina Efremova
Founder and head architect
Experience since 2009, Graduated from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering in 2015. Started her career in urban design. Founded June studio in 2018. Now works together with June team and clients to achieve the best result in concept, function and beauty.
Marta Adt
Interior decorator & Artist
Marta discovered her creative potential at 30, after going for a second education as the interior decorator (first high education is economics). She studied at the International school of design in Moscow and Architectural Institute.
She has been working as an independent interior decorator since 2014.
Same time she developed her artistic abilities and talent.
Being a self-taught artist is a tough choice; She found legitimity in her ancestry, which counted many famous German and Russian artists; learning about their work helped her to understand that art has a purpose, giving depth and meaning to everyday objects, creating a value and transmitting stories.
Art and creation is a way to express her interests for philosophy and symbolism.
In her paintings there s a special energy transmitted to the owners and their home.
Her works are in private collections in Russia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia.