Historical museum
New building for the existing Historical Museum was designed in 2015 and took part in an Architectural competition. Area is located in the centre of a small historical town in Russia and it is around 200 metres from the church. The site has an area of 1.450m² that provides pedestrian access from the main street, facing north, to a public area of the residential part with average density, facing south.
4500 sqr m
It adds meaning to the social and cultural context of a town.
A new Public Space is materialised in a central square/patio where art feels comfortable and blurs the borders between private and public spheres, leisure and work, art, and life.
Design is driven by the challenges of its unique setting. It shows the typological variations - new buildings are placed above the existing one – underlining the architectonical memory of a given period and the new addition, without damaging or subverting the spatial and constructive structures of the whole.
The museum combines two separated forms: 3 floors of historical pieces and a permanent exhibition connected to the second spiral form halls that contain temporary part for modern art. These two masses are connected with the underground basement.